Hi, we're the Summernote team!

We plan to make web editor for website integration together.
so we used our spare time outside of our daily jobs to contribute to this project.

Alan is

the creator of summernote and a long-time contributor of Summernote.

lqez is

the developer of django-summernote, the best way to use that on django. He provides advice for Sumernote.

Easylogic is

a javascript maniac. He currently has interest in svg chart.

Outsider is

a web developer & blogger who loves writing code. He is mainly responsible for angular-summernote.


a team for developing summernote-rails gem, the best way to use it on ruby & rails.

Seapy is

a curious developer and summernote-rails contributor.

Sienna is

the designer of Summernote. She is a professional UX/UI designer.

Jenny is

the designer of Summernote. She has good drawing skill & brilliant ideas.

Dennis is

a Contributor, Bit Fiddler, Theme Developer, and Open Source Advocate, who also happens to create Wood Products, herd Sheep and wrestle Goats.